Top 10 Mermaid Nails You Have to Have

Top 10 Mermaid Nails You Have to Have

Mermaid nails are on trend right now. From flashy and vibrant with bits and baubles adorning them to simple, ombre scales, mermaid and sea-inspired nails are the cutest nail fashion happening right now.

There are different ways to make mermaid nails, including artistic drawings, fish nets, and by following outlines. Cute fun nails are always a fun addition to any outfit that you are wearing. Below we include our absolute top 10 favorite mermaid nails



@mypolishworld shows us her pretty shiny scale-looking mermaid nails. Love the pointy look! Looks like she used a stencil to get this look and a base of clear polish for the finish look. Cute!



@nyanails shows off this super-cute starfish-nail art. How did she do this? We need to know! Also, we need this on our hands – like, yesterday!



@ricekittynails captures what you’d expect a mermaid’s nails to actually look like. Swimming around under water all glamourous-like. Shiny and reflective like the surface of the ocean. Gorgeous. This design would look super gorgeous with any summer crop top and highwaisted shorts!



If tend to swing towards the simple and classic, check out these by @kadnails. just a little bit of sparkle with a slight nod towards the pearlescent oceanic. Pretty and classy nails with a twist.



@Madina_nails shows us her super-creative twist on the mermaid nails. She has one of the best uses of props to give an under-the-sea theme with seashells, cute pearl decorations, and a dark mahogany coat. The detailed shells and the smooth polished nails make a great contrast!



Artist @paintedbyjess gets in on the classic look of squared-nails with her ring finger of the mermaid tail look. The ocean blue undertone looks spot on paired with the gold scales drawn over the top.



Glittery nails and teal shiny scales?! Yes, please! @nailstorming, any chance you can get over here and do ours too!



@anna_xiewei takes on the glam with a real mermaid in cute gold and an ombre design with these interpretive mermaid nails. It just kinda feels like a mermaid, right?



@nailsbysarah1 took her mermaid inspiration in another direction. Disney for the win! You can picture the little bubbles under the sea, Arial’s face, her famous seashell bikini top, and a gold splash of glitter for fun.



Looks like artist, @sohotrightnail, used a mixture of press-on apliques and regular light pink nail polish to draw our minds toward our sea-faring beauties. How unique!

These nails are fun new way to enjoy this summer and compliment your perfect, beachy outfit. Find a matching outfit inspiration from us here. You can also find us on Instagram @wildfae and Snapchat at WildFaeCo for more! Happy hunting, girls!

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