Top 10 Babe Addictions – Summer 2016

Top 10 Babe Addictions – Summer 2016

Ten irresistible summer must-have’s!

We’re totally hooked on these ten irresistible summer must-have’s. Check it out.

1. Kylie LipKit

This is the hottest lipstick on the market and Kylie keeps the stock low - you’ve got to get it when it drops! They’re starting at about $29 on her site but people are selling them for $100 on ebay or Amazon because they’re so hard to get!

Kylie Lip Kit

The Kylie LipKit is a lip liner and filler combo giving you that pouty, pretty Kylie look. It’s so fresh it stays on your lips all day without wiping off or needed to put it on again. You can get them in Matte, Metals, and Gloss and they feel like there’s nothing on your lips!

Don’t worry if the site says Sold Out, Kylie is constantly restocking her colors and giving us new looks to play with! As of right now, they’re all sold out – so you’ve got to get them when they drop!

Follow Kylie and her LipKit on Twitter and Instagram.


2. Emoji

Really, it’s the easiest way to talk! Thank the gods of cell phone apps for super-smart Japanese phone developers in the 1990’s. Let us send you a picture instead of twenty words. Yes, please!

😹 ✌ 😻 💛


3. Bitmoji

On your phone or on your laptop. Cant. Live. Without. It. Don’t make us go a day without our witty, creepily-accurate bitmojis or we’re outta here.

 Bitmoji example



4. Snapchat

No editing, no long-term commitment, sexy, sassy filters – and, this is the best app ever. Even dudes love to Snap. Snapchat is something that’s actually real and not edited. A reason we love Snapchat so much is the fact that it is very down to earth - perfect for everyday conversation among close friends. It is super visual; you can check a guy hiking the Appalachian Trail and turn around and send a puppy-face to your bestie. Our snapchat user name is wildfaeco. Find us :)

Wild Fae snap chat

5. Instagram

Top 3 Instagram Accounts Right Now

  • Clearly, #1 is Instagram itself wins:

164 million followers, Instagram has the best of the best. New people to follow and cool stuff happening everywhere.


  • # 2 is selenagomez:Selena Gomez Instagram

Ms. Selena is a force. With over 82 million followers, only second to Instagram itself. No wonder the Biebs has started following Selena Gomez on Instagram again – he’s the only one who’s not! Plus, how could you not want to be in the presence of greatness? Get it, girl.

Selena Gomez Instagram

  • # 3 is taylorswift

Taylor Insta


Taylor Instagram sample

6. Braids

Braids are so hot right now, Katniss and Game of Thrones get all the credit for this one and we love it. Side braid, headband braid, ponytail braid? Yes, Yes, and YES! Not sure how? Check this out.


7. Matte Nails

Blame the Kardashians, we are OB-sessed with matte nails! If you’re pinching your pennies or running short on time, try mixing your polish with a little baking powder or corn starch for this soft look.

matte nails

8. Pets

Puppies and kittens make our hearts melt! Especially if it’s a rescue. Help a baby out and visit your local shelter. How awesome would it be to take home a little pup or cat in need of a loving home?

Cute puppy

9. Spotify

Free or $10 a month for every some you could ever want. We’re crushing hardcore on Spotify for two reasons. 1) Make a playlist and it stays there – forever. 2) Discover Weekly. Spotify, we love you, please don’t ever stop giving us the best playlists ever.

Spotify logo

10. Crop Tops

The 90’s are back in a major way! The crop top is the primary fashion piece for this summer. Like Elle says “Crop it like it’s hot” this summer and let your awesome belly go free!

Outfit with Crop Top


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