8 Cute Easy Beauty Hacks Every Gal Should Know

Admit it, being a girl is not easy and that's why finding cute easy beauty hacks is so important. One needs constant care and talent to look beautiful and presentable. Amidst our busy lifestyles and clothing outfit choices you need some easy life hacks to make you look super-cute and save time. We know that pulling off a perfect wing liner takes a lot of effort or achieving glamorous hair is not so easy! Here are some time-saving tips that you can use when you really have to rush out to school or work.


Perfect Winged Eye-Liner

1. Perfect Winged Eye-Liner

Are you stuck on getting perfect cat eye? It’s quite a hassle, especially when you are late for work. We got you covered girl! This super easy hack will give an instant boost to your face, making your eyes look perfect. Grab a credit card, line it against your lower lash line and hold it upwards. Now you can create a gorgeous cat-eye easily and rock it like a true diva.


Plump Lips

2. Plump Lips

Fuller and plumped lips are to die for. Not everybody is blessed with gorgeous lips but you can use this simple hack to achieve that look. Mix a little bit of peppermint oil in your gloss and there you have it! A picture-perfect pout. If you don’t have peppermint oil, then try it with cinnamon oil. It also works wonders.


Lashes beauty hack

3. Lash Curler Hack

Here is another cute easy beauty hack. Most of us are great with beauty products, but when it comes to eyeliner, we chicken out. Well, let us tell you a secret. Grab a lash curler and line the top part with a pencil liner. Curl your lashes like you do usually. When you remove it there will be a perfect eyeliner stitch on the top lid.


Smell Good All Day Hack

4. Smell Good All Day

The best way to make sure your perfume lasts longer is to spray at some strategic locations. This hack is super-easy and you will never complain that your perfume vanishes as soon as you put it on. Spritz around your neck, on both sides. Don’t forget your hair, behind your elbows, down your back, behind the knees and belly button.


clump-free lashes beauty hack

5. No More Clumpy Mascara

The secret to clump-free lashes is out. This hack is simple. Just roll the wand over a tissue after taking it out of the bottle. Wiggle it nicely on your upper and lower lashes for a fuller look.


 Matching foundation beauty hack

6. Wrong Foundation

If you accidentally bought a wrong shade of foundation, then there is a hack to fix this problem. Add a little bit of moisturizer in it and dab it on your face. This hack will give you an amazing coverage that matches your skin tone.


 How to hide tired eyes

7. Hide Tired Eyes

Tired eyes can make the whole look appear dull. One easy hack to take care of hangover or tired eyes is to line the lower waterline with a white pencil. This will make your eyes pop and not tired at all.


How to get long lasting lip color

8. Long Lasting Lip Color

Lip colors don’t last long and they are usually gone before you even reach the party. Well, not anymore! Apply lipstick on your lips and dab it with a tissue by placing it in between your lips. The tissue will sort of absorb the access, leaving just the color on. Now go ahead and add one more layer on lip color and you are good to go.


Which is the beauty hack that you liked the most? Now that you are all trained in quick and easy beauty hacks, you can reward yourself with cute and trendy clothing to match that make up! 


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