5 Cute Pinterest Hair Tutorials

All the trend-conscious fashionistas are guilty of spending a lot of time on their hair while showing a messy bun, beachy waves, or a simple half up and half down hairdo. There are so many every day and formal cute hairstyles to match your outfits. You can go from retro to chic and super-cute with your hair every day. Here are a few simple Pinterest inspired hair tutorials to make your getting-ready routine easier.


Double dutch braid

1. The Double Dutch Braid Bun

Grab an inch of hair from one side and make a regular braid all the way to the bottom of the strand. Secure it with an elastic band. Pull out the braided sections to make it appear thicker. Now grab the rest of your hair and tie a ponytail. During the end, go half way through in such a way that you leave some hair hanging. Pin the hair under the ponytail and wrap the braided section around it. Pull out some hair from the sides for an effortless look and you are done!


Twisted halo hairdo

2. Twisted Halo

This hairstyle is simple but look super cute! Grab a small section of hair from one side and twist it to the side and back of your head. Once you reach the middle of the head, secure the twist with a bobby pin. Do the same on another side, but bring it under the first twist and then secure it with a bobby pin. It gives a very neat and adorable look which you can carry every day.


Dutch braid bun pinterest

3. Dutch Braid Bun

Grab a section of hair from one side and make a Dutch braid which basically means crossing the hair under rather than over. As you do that, keep adding chunks of hair to the front and back section of the braid, until it becomes a French Dutch braid. Once you reach your ear, tie an elastic band to secure the braid and pull out section to make it look messier and chunkier. Now grab the rest of your hair and tie them into a simple bun. Here you go! Simple Dutch braid hairstyle.


Triple bun hair pinterest

4. Triple Twisted Buns 

Part your hair into three pony tails and secure them with an elastic band. Twist the hair of each pony tail into a bun  and secure it with a pin. Pull the sides of each bun to make it appear messy. You can go for a neat one as well, but a messy look is a show stealer.

Use enough bobby pins to secure the hair in place. Make some final adjustments to your hair, pull out a few hair strands for a beachy look ,and add hairspray. 


Half-up Half-down Fish Tail Braid

5. Half-up Half-down Fish Tail Braid

Take two section of your hair from each and secure them together with an elastic band. Now grab that section and pass the bottom of the secured part through the ponytail. The hair should go under the elastic band. Now divide the ponytail into two parts and make a fishtail braid. All you have to do is take small strands of hair and add to either section of hair alternatively. Secure the braid and you are good to go with this cute half-up-half-down fishtail braid.

Pull on the braid to make it look like you haven’t made any effort and don’t forget to adjust your hair from the front for a laid-back look.

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