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Fall is definitely a favorite season when it comes to fashion. We all love to dress cozy, play with fallen leaves, enjoy a good book by the fire, and drink lots of hot coffee. We also love to go wild and freshen up our wardrobe to include lots of fall colors, patters, and prints to arrange cute and bold styles. For more on fall trends, click here

Lets look at the reasons why we love autumn and how it can inspire what shoes we wear.

 Fall Shoes

We are enamored by the thought of pairing fall shoes with our outfits. Think of that perfect bootie that perfectly matches your new skirt, etc. This is especially true when shoes not only look good, but also feel comfortable. If you live in a busy city or walk a lot in general, getting around in uncomfortable shoes can be a hassle. Having appropriate footwear can make all the difference — You can trail up and down the town and still rock killer shoes.

Let the creativity wonder because below I cover enough inspiration to go about for every girl.


Comfy and Cozy

Cozy sneakers

 For the grab a hot cup of coffee and read a good book kind of gal, the style that screams out the most is comfy. The classic lace-up sneaker certainly fits the bill. Sneakers can be paired with virtually anything, but a cute pair of loose sporty pants or skinny jeans would do. Sneakers are great for any casual day at school or work. 
Another cute comfy shoe – loafers. They have been enjoyed for what seems like forever by men, women, and children. Maybe it’s the fact that they look cute, are comfortable, slip on easy, go with and everything. Whatever it is, they are perfect for comfort. 


The Adventurer

Fall shoes for adventurer girl

For the adventurer in all of us, the perfect shoe is flexible. It can twist, bend, and be able to resist everything we put their way. Rain booties come to mind. They for sure will keep your feet dry on splashy days. Another good shoe that lets us venture out - riding boots. Not only are they adaptable, but so dreamy looking. Wear them with skinny jeans and a plaid shirt for a western vibe. The best pair for trekking across the forest - hiking boots and sport shoes. They let you jump around, keep your feet steady, and are made for walking. You can’t go wrong.


City Gal 

If you grew up in a big city, or eventually ended up living in one, being a city girl is admired. Wearing something that will get you from point A to point B seamlessly is always on your mind. A great pair for this - ankle booties. They are very popular since they are easy to pair with all kinds of bottoms. Another favorite? Combat boots. They are very comfortable as well as show off your edgy side. You can wear them often since you know they will never go out of style. Talking about easy to wear and cute looking shoes, let’s not leave out oxfors! Super comfortable and hip, oxfords not only will keep your feet warm on fall but are easy to pair with skirts, pants, shorts, etc.


The Office Girl


The office girl doesn’t have to worry too much about comfort, unless standing for long periods of time. In most situations this is not the case. This opens the door to a variety of styles that you can wear. A classic fall office favorite? Pumps. Wear them all year round. On fall, wear them in fall colors, including black, brown, red, or nude.

Another great office shoe - Platform booties! They keep you warm and stylish, all in one. They’re also versatile since they can go with anything and can make any outfit really stand out. If you are looking for something without heels, a cute pair of flats will do. They are not the sexy staple of the year, but extremely practical and cute!

 We now got you covered with a few different kinds of fall shoes depending on the occasion and your fall outfit. When in doubt, just look over this list. Keep in mind; fall is the perfect time to start trying new shoes and styles. Haven’t really tried one type in this list? Now may be the time!




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