5 Websites Every Girl Should Visit

5 Websites Every Girl Should Visit

We all need a little distraction from our day to day schedules that look a lot like a juggler dropping balls all over the place. With so may things to do, running errands all over town, digging into daily tasks, or completing a project due in the wee hours of the night, we all crave a little set-a-side time to let the mind wonder and keep the balance of sanity at a safe range. For this much treasured time, Iv'e composed a list of a few websites that really deliver on entertainment, fun, and resourcefulness, so read on. 

1. Instyle.com

Instyle has it all; fashion, celebrity, hair, and beauty.  Browse the best dressed at the red carpet. Look at make up how to's and inspiration. See what's trending in hair styles, like that famous candy color, and more. 

 2. Refinery29.com

Refinery29 is a great site for anyone that likes to keep updated with the latest on fashion, lifestyle, and beauty. Plus, they have interesting articles, some of which are cute and funny.

3. Allwomenstalk.com 

Next time you want to try something fresh and different, maybe a bit hilarious, head on to All Women Stalk. They feature cute videos, trendy topics, out of the ordinary discussions - basically anything girls love to talk about. 

4. Thepolishaholic.com

Are you into nail art and cute mani dos? If so, Thepolishaholic is the blog to follow for you. The site not only gives you ideas for your next mani, but offers nail polish reviews so you can choose if it is the right for you daylight versus indoors.

5. Popsugar.com

A last favorite site to bookmark is Pop Sugar. It is rich on celebrity gossip plus features fun stories to read. Besides their beauty and a fitness section, they have a 'do-it-yourself section with all kinds of cute, fun ideas for everything you can think of.   

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